I offer DBT individual therapy. Learn More


I am level II EMDR trained and have been doing EMDR for over 20 years.Learn More

My Professional Development

I also work with clients on a variety of other issues including boundaries in relationships- family of origin or romantic, EAP referrals,  grief and loss, etc. My post-graduate education continues to develop and expand the skill-sets I bring to my work.Learn More


Counseling is never an easy process, some people have never tried it, some people are professionals at it and have been doing it all their lives.  Bottom line, you have to have a good relationship with your counselor.  You have to be able to trust that person with your deepest secrets.  My office is a place that promotes being non-judgemental, teaching people how to be non-judgemental of themselves is one of the hardest things I do!


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